About Optimal Health Kilkenny

Having qualified as one of the first Dietary Coaches in Ireland & also completing the  Diploma in Diet & Nutrition, Jackie has undertaken further training in Performance Nutrition leading to the formation of Optimal Health & Performance.

A keen athlete, having competed to ultramarathon distance, including a podium finish, Jackie understands the importance of Performance Nutrition first hand. Jackie has also taken part in several multi sport races.

Jackie is also a qualified chef,(Dip in Culinary Arts) having studied at Dublin Institute of Technology & working as a chef for ten years in a variety of hotels including the prestigous 5 Star Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Mayo. She is well placed to provide tasty recipes and time saving tips when cooking nutritious food. Jackie has also competed the Diploma in Training & Continuing Education from NUI.

Other relevant qualifications; UKAD accredited advisor. 

Fundementals of Plant Based Nutrition.

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Young children & teenagers

If you yourself are a parent or know parents to younger children, you know that they can be picky eaters.

Instead of caving in and providing young children with meals that they may find tasty but are ultimately unhealthy. You can discuss the situation in a one to one consultation and we will come up with some alternatives that children are not only going to like to eat, but are also healthier options. That way you are ensuring that they develop healthy eating habits while also helping them to get the nutrition they need.

Benefits to you

Here at Optimal Health Kilkenny, we not only provide dietary coaching but we take holistic approach to your lifestyle. We look at your work & home situations, your current exercise regime, or assist you to incorporate one into your lifestyle. We can provide advice on supplements in required and can recommend other professional therapists if you require one. See ‘How it works’ for further information.

Dietary coaching is not just about food. We can be motivator, mentor, consultant, counselor, and dietary coach all rolled in one.

We can advise on daily caloric intake, grocery shopping, food choices and food preparation. Of course the benefits of using a diet and nutrition coach extend beyond people looking to lose weight. We can help people with poor nutrient intake, unhealthy eating habits, eating disorders, feeling tired and don’t know why, overweight/obesity but also those that suffer from various diseases Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and diabetes.

Making sense of it

In today’s society, it seems more and more difficult to find the right foods to eat.

Everyone seems to be on some kind of a diet with varying results which can make the simple task of eating very confusing.

One day a certain diet is praised for how amazing it is and how amazing the results are, the next day experts are suggesting that it may be dangerous and does not meet nutritional requirements.

Just considering the many different opinions about the consumption of protein, antioxidants, carbohydrates, and fats, you may not have a clue anymore as to what you can safely put on your plate. That is one of the benefits of using a diet and nutrition coach, they not only eat healthy themselves, but they also see the different results with various clients.