Nutritonal Values on menus.

Great News last week  as the Dail restaurant is to show the nutritional content on their menus. Blackrock Clinic is also recommending the introduction on all menus.

A positive step in the right direction. Of course there are already many catering establishments from the smallest café to the larger hotels already working on this.

For anyone out there wondering if you will lose customers, the feedback I have received is a definite no.

Feedback from customers is very positive with some of my own clients asking me where they can go to eat that has already put the nutritional values on the menus. This lets them make a better choice and enables them to decide which option to choose.

Often they will still pick a high calorie, high fat item and eat healthy for the rest of the day. Sometimes they will pick a healthier option and have dessert.

Also most of my clients know they are allowed a treat meal a week, therefore if they know the nutritional content of the dish they wish to eat, they can know that there weight loss is not compromised.

Feedback from clients where I have carried the Nutritional analysis out is also positive and I applaud anyone who has initiated this as it may become compulsory in the future.

I can also discuss how best to display the information with clients.

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