What We Do

Weight Loss

Optimal Health Kilkenny will provide you with a tailored weight loss programme to suit you and your lifestyle.

Because the programme is individual based its suits you and your needs. You do need to be motivated to lose weight but if you have made the decision you can see great results with our twelve week programme. You will be weighed and measured and a detailed history will be taken. This will include your current eating /cooking habits, lifestyle, work commitments, level of activity etc. Menu improvements will be provided and we will meet on a fortnightly basis to review your weight loss and plan the next two weeks.

Find full details of our dietary coaching programmes here.

Weight Gain

If weight gain is your goal then we can tailor a programme to your needs to include nutritious food so you can gain weight in a healthy way without resorting to high fat diets.

Family Meal Plans

With our busy lifestyles now and endless activities planning nutritious meals/snacks can feel like it’s an impossible task. As a qualified chef Jackie can provide you with meal plans and time saving tips for when you are on the run. This is an area that parents often appreciate some advice in.

Optimal Health Kilkenny can provide you with a 10 day meal plan taking into account your families preferences & or medical conditions that may eliminate certain foods from your diet.

Leaving home for third level education? Get a meal plan before you go!

Corporate Services

Nutritional Analysis; if you provide food Optimal Health Kilkenny can provide you with the nutritional breakdown of each portion. This helps inform your customers/staff/clients and may lead to better food choices long term.

Recommended portions sizes can also be provided and suggestions can be made if menus are unbalanced.

More and more companies are taking an active part in their staff’s health and wellbeing as this contributes to less absenteeism’s and better general wellbeing. With this in mind Optimal Health Kilkenny provides talks on many different aspects of health to groups of 10+. You can choose from the most popular topics or may have an area in mind yourself.

For an individual quotation please contact us with your brief.

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is the study and practice of nutrition and diet as it relates to athletic performance. Sports nutrition at all levels is a major element of our teachings at Optimal Health Kilkenny. Find out more about our sports nutrition programmes here.